IC Events launches the 2023 event calendar with new event editions hosted by Wall-Street.ro, FutureBanking.ro, Start-up.ro and Retail.ro.

12th Jan 2023

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We have prepared over 20 business events for you in the IC Events platform event calendar, covering most industries in Romania. From retail & eCommerce to fintech & financial services, the events hosted by IC Events are designed to help a wide range of managers and entrepreneurs to keep up with all the latest trends in their industries and maximize their business potential.

Here you can see the full calendar and here you can join our events.

In 2023 Wall-Street.ro continues the series of business events, some of them with a tradition of over a decade. Industries such as eCommerce, real estate, energy, healthcare, finance, agriculture or retail are analyzed throughout the year in events such as ecomTEAM, reConstruct, Energy R/Evolution, Financial Forum, Future of Agriculture or retailArena. We also follow the evolution of the labour market through the HR 2.0 event and the CSR strategy of companies in various industries through the CSR Growth event. Wall-Street.ro also presents the 8th edition of European Digital Commerce powered by VTEX, with an extraordinary edition - EDC Summit on May 4, 2023.

Beyond debating the most important topics in these industries, Wall-street.ro continues to reward excellence in business through the CEO's Gala and Wall-Street.ro Gala events.

Futurebanking.ro is preparing to delight you with a series of experiential events dedicated to the fintech industry. Romania's Fintech Map will present the map of fintech in the local ecosystem and their opportunities to transform Romania into a key point on the regional map of fintech. With the Digital Banking Scorecard, you will have the opportunity to see for the first time the report on the evolution of local banks, from the perspective of digital transformation. At the Future Banking Gala, you will celebrate the most exciting innovations and the people behind them. Future Banking Summit,18-19 Sept 2023, is the largest regional event dedicated to the fintech industry, you will have the opportunity to meet key leaders and innovators from the country and abroad, learn about trends in the field and exchange ideas and valuable contacts.

start-up. ro is organizing a series of events in 2023 dedicated to technology, entrepreneurship and smart cities. Smart Future will approach topics such as AI, Cyber ​​Security and Cloud, Startup Elites 2023 is the entrepreneurship camp that gathers 30 talented young people for an intensive entrepreneurship boot camp, and Big Ideas Club wants to be a series of inspirational events with entrepreneurs and not only to put on the wallpaper big ideas proposed by the community as well. Also, start-up.ro is a partner of the reConstruct event, organized by Wall-Street.ro, where on the second day it will approach the theme of the city of the future, through a mix of technology and sustainability.

For 2023, Retail.ro is preparing a series of events dedicated to challenges and novelties in the industry. At Retail Logistics and Digitalization, we will look at how traditional meets innovation and new technologies in logistics. Dedicated to manufacturers, at the FMCG Balance in 2023: path to a smart consumption event we learn about their strategies, expansion plans and the most pressing impediments of the moment. At the same time, we will also analyze how customer behaviour has changed at the national level, but also the ways in wich manufacturers promote balanced consumption. Last but not least, Retail.ro ends the year with one of the most well-known event in the market, retailArena. In 2023 the conference is also bringing two days of discussions on the industry. Dozens of speakers, national and international, as well as authorities will join the 2023 edition to debate the challenges and perspectives of businesses in retail.

Green Start-Up Sustainability Forum & Awards 2023, the first event of the Green Start-up project launched last year, is the forum that will bring to the same table relevant actors for Romania's strategy to become a truly sustainable country and will bring together both administration officials in the public, as well as environmental and sustainability experts, companies and startups that come up with solutions that can accelerate the progress we are making to become a "green" country.

At the awards ceremony, we will recognize the efforts of innovators, and organizations that inspire us to be more responsible with the resources we have and ensure a sustainable future for future generations.

Don't forget that you can always contact us at [email protected] for any details related to our events, but also for on-demand events that we can host within the platform. We hope to see you again at as many events as possible in 2023!

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